Through collaborative education, advocacy and design, we create space for partners to listen, learn and lead.


"We don’t know, what we don’t know,” is one of our guiding principles.

We love asking questions and finding answers. And we encourage our clients to approach their work with the same curiosity, creativity and vulnerability. Education is essential to pave the way for action.

From language and vocabulary, to unconscious bias training, more specific education about inclusive marketing, accessible design of products and spaces as well as executive coaching, Tilting the Lens provides a range of educational services.


"Who is not in the room,” is another key question we love asking.

We advocate for the community, seeking to build allyship as we create internal policy change before reframing systems and culture.

We support and work with the community, ensuring intentional, meaningful and intersectional participation of people with lived experience of exclusion.

We do this by embedding ourselves in your organization as true partners – an extension of your internal team – with both, a grass top and grassroots approach to effect change across all levels.


Accessibility is key, from ideation through to delivery.

Solutions must be designed with Disabled people, not for Disabled people. We believe in the principles and innovation opportunity of universal design to create a more equitable world for everyone.

Design not only refers to products and services. We also help to reimagine company practises, policies, places and promotions.

Meaningful and deliberate accessibility will build inclusion, equity, agency, creativity, innovation and pride.