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Tilting the Lens: Thriving and Expanding

Over the past two months, we've had the privilege of expanding our team with two incredible individuals, Orla McCann and Áine Aherne.

Firstly, let's introduce Áine Aherne, a highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience in research and client project work. Áine brings over 9 years of expertise from diverse industries, including her outstanding work with legacy organizations like Pfizer Inc. Her prowess in marketing and data analysis, from data collection to visualization, will play a pivotal role in shaping internal strategies and client projects.

Next, we have Orla McCann, a passionate advocate for inclusivity and promoting visibility for disabled individuals. Orla possesses a wealth of knowledge in various areas, including Building Regulations, British Standards, Planning Policy, Transport Policy, Equality, and Disability Discrimination legislation. Her extensive experience enables her to provide highly technical advice on accessibility, ranging from conducting access audits to offering expert design consultancy. 

With Orla and Áine on board, Tilting the Lens is now equipped with an even stronger force to drive change. With the team’s expertise growing and our ever unwavering dedication to accessibility and inclusion, we hope to continue to make a profound impact by working with Disabled people to create a more accessible and equitable world for all.

Stay tuned for the groundbreaking projects and initiatives Orla and Áine will spearhead as part of our growing Tilting the Lens family. #TiltingTheLens #Accessibility #InclusivityMatters

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