An Ongoing Commitment to Accessibility

At Tilting the Lens, we aim to intentionally build a more equitable world for everyone — by design. That includes the creation of more accessible practices, policies, products and services, places and promotions, and hence, also includes our own website.

We continuously ask our clients and community, ‘is this accessible?’ But to answer the question, we must first create a shared understanding of what accessibility means. Therefore, we have begun to build a working definition — one that will evolve and change with our practise.

Accessibility is a continuous and evolving practise. It is achieved through intentional, meaningful and intersectional participation of people with lived experience of exclusion. Accessibility must be key to each stage of a product, place or policy development, from ideation through to delivery. Solutions must be designed with Disabled people to prioritize form and function. Meaningful and deliberate accessibility builds inclusion, equity, agency, creativity, innovation and pride.”

When it comes to accessibility, in particular digital accessibility, we believe that the work is never done. We aim to create and follow ‘better practises’ rather than ‘best practises,’ as many principles, tools and workflows are ever-evolving. With that in mind, we commit to continuously review, update and improve the accessibility and usability of our website. 

Tilting the Lens follows the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG, Version 2.1), a universal set of standards created to make web content more accessible. Our website has been tested by Disabled individuals as well as assistive technologies, including colo(u)r contrast analysers, keyboard navigation, and a website accessibility evaluation tool. We have also considered other usability issues, going beyond the minimum accessibility standards.

To ensure a seamless user experience, current efforts are focused on delivering digital experiences that: 

  • Are compatible with commonly used screen reader technologies
  • Have full keyboard operability
  • Communicate all necessary information without dependency on colo(u)r
  • Ensure video accessibility with subtitles, transcripts and other practises

As a small but growing organization, we cannot guarantee all pages of our site are equally accessible at this time, particularly those including or linking to third party content. Making updates and improvements to our site is an ongoing effort that we are committed to, proactively lobbying third parties and seeking out solutions that will bring all areas of the site up to the same level of overall web accessibility. 

In the meantime, we encourage your feedback. Please contact us should you experience any difficulty in accessing the Tilting the Lens website, by emailing us at