At Tilting the Lens, we are a Disability-led organisation with a majority Disabled team. We design, partner and collaborate with Disabled people to build meaningful and measurable change.

Sinéad Burke - CEO and Founder (she / her)

Sinéad is a Disabled educator and author who founded the accessibility consultancy Tilting the Lens in 2020. She has since then led the Tilting the Lens team on many rewarding projects and partnerships. Being a proud advocate of accessibility and equity, Sinéad spends much of her time committed to our continuous mission to educate and promote the value of building a more inclusive world. Sinéad also leads on the strategic development of the organisation and establishing a company culture of collaboration and compassion.

In her own words: Accessibility and Disability inclusion are everyone’s responsibility and opportunity – this is a movement, not a moment.

Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Emma Shaw - Senior Consultant (she / her)

Emma leads on Community and Impact at Tilting the Lens; bringing together client and community, ensuring that lived experience is at the centre of everything we do. Having spent over 10 years specialising in building and managing relationships with clients and community, and  fostering unique voices, Emma is passionate about advancing and harnessing the creativity of  Disabled talent, and introducing clients to Disability-led organisations. 

Focus: Emma has led on all projects that involved community based research in the form of interviews and focus groups. She has also delivered on projects related to audits of places and spaces, consulted on disability strategies and worked with clients to create bespoke accessibility workshops for various teams and departments.

In her own words: Being part of Tilting the Lens has been intrinsic in my personal journey with my own Disability. The values and ethos of the company culture are a fundamental part of every project we undertake, which makes this such a unique and conscientious team to be a part of.

Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Orla McCann - Senior Consultant (she / her)

Orla has 27 years of experience in the field of Design for All, and in managing numerous and diverse projects within Disability Action, the largest pan-disability organisation in Northern Ireland. In addition, Orla has helped to design and ultimately deliver the ONSIDE project, a cross border project created to address the social isolation experienced by Disabled people. Orla has worked closely with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) over many years and collectively established the Disability Housing Forum (DHF) and devised the Product Working Group which was the first of its kind in NI to facilitate co-production between people with disabilities and housing practitioners. Orla also has working knowledge of Building Regulations, British Standards, Planning Policy, Transport Policy, Equality and Disability Discrimination legislation, and many years of experience in the provision of highly technical advice on accessibility including access audits and design consultancy.

Focus: Orla specialises in accessibility in the built environment, transport and housing, and in policies

Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Aine Aherne - Senior Consultant (she / her)

Áine’s area of focus at Tilting the Lens is rooted in research and client project work. A UCD Business graduate, Aine brings skills gained from over 9 years of working in roles across diverse industries and for legacy organisations such as Pfizer Inc, where she specialised in marketing and data analysis, including collection, visualisation and translation of data to shape internal strategies.

Focus: Aine's work centres around research, insight gathering and solution building as part of client projects. Examples of which include creating and analysing surveys and questionnaires for focus groups and assisting in the creation of blueprint and reports.

In her own words: As a physically Disabled person, I'm so proud to be part of a team that prioritises working with rather than just for Disabled people, creating accessible and inclusive environments for all. The work we do, engaging with the Disabled community and their intersectionalities, means that we can ensure people's unique stories, experiences and backgrounds are an integral part of the solutions we build.


Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Conny Nielsen - Business & Operations Manager (she / her)

Conny is the Business and Operations Manager at Tilting the Lens, she leads on all operations, financial reporting, budget management, contract administration, data collection and project management across all client delivery. Conny has 15 years of experience working with operations, project management and delivery within the media industry - ranging from small scale film productions to international festivals, commissions and major UK broadcasters.

Focus: Conny has led the team in transitioning to more efficient systems and processes whilst always ensuring that TTL’s suppliers, clients, and collaborators are aligned with our values. Additionally, she focuses her attention on creating people-centred policies for TTL as well as the strategic development of the business, implementing essential growth strategies that enhance operational efficiency and foster sustainable partnerships.

In her own words: Tilting the Lens has truly broadened my horizons in such an impactful and important way. I now notice and see things I never thought of before. The work we do is incredibly rewarding and as a chronically ill / Disabled person, I am immensely proud to be a part of the positive change we are making in the world.

Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Laia Cargol Martinez- Junior Consultant (she / her)

Laia is a Junior Consultant at Tilting the Lens. She brings 3 years of experience in PR and marketing strategy, business development, research and project management. Her background spans across the fashion and non-profit sectors, with a particular focus on advocating for the blind and low vision community. Laia is deeply committed to fostering diversity, enhancing accessibility, and promoting sustainability.

Focus: Laia supports all Senior Consultants across various projects, and plays a key role in the delivery of events and workshops.

In her own words: I feel honoured to work for Tilting the Lens, a company with a mission that resonates deeply with my own values and aspirations alongside an inspiring team dedicated to creating positive change.


Artwork by Nancy Clayton
Artwork by Nancy Clayton

Artwork by Nancy Clayton. Nancy is an artist at Trifle Studio - a multidisciplinary design studio based in London whose work is created by artists and designers with learning disabilities.

Sinéad and her team at Tilting the Lens set themselves apart through their authoritative expertise and a genuine passion that inspires those they work with to bring about concrete change for a future that is accessible to all.

— Robert Triefus, EVP Brand and Customer Engagement at Gucci

Tilting the Lens has played a fundamental role in supporting ITV as we seek to deliver on our ambition to ensure that accessibility and Disability equity is built into everything we do.

— Ade Rawcliffe, Group Director of Diversity and Inclusion at ITV

Tilting the Lens has equipped us with foundational principles to develop a robust and exciting accessibility programme.

— Aline Santos, Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Unilever

Our partnership with Tilting the Lens led to a new standard of accessibility and inclusion for our events.

— Seán Doyle, Director of Experiential Marketing at Pinterest

Sinéad and her team are some of the most strategic thinkers out there for supporting companies and brands in making much overdue change.

— Rebecca Cokley, Programme Officer (US Disability Rights) at Ford Foundation

With considerable experience and passion, Tilting the Lens brought accessibility to the forefront for our employees and customers.

— Stephanie Phair, Chief Customer Officer at Farfetch

The educational workshops provided by Sinéad and her team were hugely well-received across the group. I am delighted that we have partnered with Tilting the Lens and look forward to developing our relationship further.

- Sara Geater, COO at All3Media

Tilting the Lens helped our company to think differently, to create more consideration for our team and customer needs, and ultimately to be better allies to one another.

- Ari Bloom, CEO at A-Frame Brands

Tilting the Lens brings strategic thinking and expertise with a very personal approach to create an authentic accessibility and disability strategy for Jo Malone London.

- Kelly Reade, Vice President, Global Communications, Content and ID&E, Jo Malone London

Sinéad and her team provided critical perspective and insight in helping us to make our first Soho Summit more accessible. They have been intentional in considering the uniqueness of our business, adding invaluable expertise, as they suggest new ways of looking at uncommon challenges.

- Chris Glass, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director at Soho House Ltd.

Creating the May 2023 issue in partnership with Sinéad and her team at Tilting the Lens has been an invaluable learning experience and really changed our perspective on accessibility.

- Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of British Vogue and European Editorial Director of Vogue